Der Klebegummi mit dem Gecko!

Klebegummi is a reusable adhesive for decorations, tinker, many uses in the office, on trade shows...

Non-toxic !



Klebegummi can be used practically everywhere, where something has to be attached somewhere.

Klebegummi can be used best on non-porous surfaces, vinyl coated wallpapers, painted surfaces, glass, metal, etc.

Unlike conventional drawing pins or sticky tape, Klebegummi can be removed and reused for new purposes.


Klebegummi can be removed without causing damages to the surfaces.

Klebegummi is useful in the home, office and school.

Klebegummi can be used to stick up posters, cards, party decorations and so forth.

Klebegummi is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Klebegummi does not contain any solvents.




Klebegummi s ticks posters, painting and notes!

Put up poster or painting without the use of pins or nails!

You can put your kids' paintings on the fridge or on the kitchen unit with Klebegummi!


Klebegummi is very apt for children. It is completely non-toxic and contains no solvents.

You will be surprised how many imaginative uses your children will find for Klebegummi!

You can even clean your keyboard with Klebegummi!

Find out the many versatile ways to use Klebegummi for decorations, tinker and many uses in the office or on trade shows!



1. Pull off a piece from the Klebegummi stripe and activate it by pulling and stretching.

2. Roll the activated piece into a ball.

2. Place the Klebegummi ball between the surfaces to be fastened and press firmly.

3. To remove, roll the Klebegummi ball carefully off the surface. Any remaining pieces can be removed by rolling the Klebegummi ball over the area.

4. The removed piece can by reused for the next application.


Klebegummi should not be used on absorbent , silk-screen printed, hand-stenciled wall paper or recently painted surfaces. On some surfaces Klebegummi may leave an oily mark. This can usually be removed by lighter fuel or dry cleaning fluid. Since the adhesive qualities of Klebegummi increases with time, extra care should be applied when removing it after a period of time. As this product is used outside our control, we cannot accept liability for damages.

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Der Klebegummi mit dem Gecko!